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Exhibition: "Health Factory"

exhibition area: medicine of the present combined with a journey through the medical history

© Stmk. KAGes/LKH Stolzalpe
© Stmk. KAGes/LKH Stolzalpe
Kilian Schwarz (© Stmk. KAGes/LKH Stolzalpe)
Kilian Schwarz (© Stmk. KAGes/LKH Stolzalpe)
© Stmk. KAGes/LKH Stolzalpe
© Stmk. KAGes/LKH Stolzalpe

3D Guide - virtuell tour through the Health Factory

Right next to house 2 there is one of the oldest buildings of Stolzalpe. In this former farmhouse called „Hillberger“ the health factory is situated – a rarity in europe and especially our region. Our programme contains contemporarry medicine but also leads through our medical history.

Goals of the health factory:

So far, more than 15.000 people of all ages had the opportunity to inform themselves about the topic health prevention through informative performances in our show room.It is of great importance for us to signal our handling of the situation and that we take those people´s  needs seriously. Also, we are trying to set another step to establish the hospital as a health centre for the future.

The goal of this unique facility is and always shall be to inform the people, to clarify and to show them measures of health preventation illustratively and vividly.

Thanks to Kilian Schwarz´s untiring thirst for action the health factory is beginning to establish itself as hub for operational health prevention.

The health factory is already engaged in negotiations with several companies all over styria who show great interest in letting their employees be trained in our premises.

Thanks to those measures we hope to be able to free laymen from fears and prejudice regarding contemporary medicine.

Another of our main concerns is the expansion of consciousness and to encourage people to start thinking about their own body, as well as highlightening the costs for modern mediacal treatment. With this in mind, come visite us, take a look at the health factory, get to know the medical history of our hospital and help us by making suggestions for the future of the  Stolzalpe Provincial Hospital.

© LKH Stolzalpe/Honner
[Increase picture size] © LKH Stolzalpe/Honner
© LKH Stolzalpe/Honner
[Increase picture size] © LKH Stolzalpe/Honner

Kilian Schwarz, Gerald Zwinger
0664 / 9130345 o. 03532 / 2424-2881
03532 / 2424-5078

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