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Exhibition: "Health Factory"
3D Guide - virtuell tour through the Health Factory Right next to house 2 there is one of the oldest buildings of Stolzalpe. In this former farmhouse called „Hillberger“ the health factory is situated – a rarity in europe and especially our region. Our programme contains contemporarry medicine but also leads through our medical history. [...]  further to contribution: Exhibition: "Health Factory" >>

There are two groups according to their age, consisting of 14 kindergartners (3-6 years old) and three children in day-nursery. For school kids there is an in-house childcare. Pedagogical concept: [...]  further to contribution: Kindergarten >>

Quality management
The Quality managment has existed since 1995. Under guidance oft he OEQM (organizational unit quality management) by the KAGes we were the test hospital to try the „EFQM-model in hospitals“. This modell includes nine preset criteria of which customer orientation is the most important one. [...]  further to contribution: Quality management >>

Works´ council
The work´s council is the institution for perception and encouragement of economical, social, health and cultural interests of employees. Function: The work´s council is the statuatative representative of the employees´ solidary interests. Those interests include protection of the individual employee, who has been disriminated against by the employer. [...]  further to contribution: Works´ council >>

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