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Works´ council

Function and duties

The work´s council is the institution for perception and encouragement of economical, social, health and cultural interests of employees.


The work´s council is the statuatative representative of the employees´ solidary interests. Those interests include protection of the individual employee, who has been disriminated against by the employer.

A compulsory task for the work´s council is the representation of the employees´ interests. In it´s functions the works´ council is restricted by a special code of conduct. For instance, the members of the work´s council are bound to secrety concerning the employees´ personal relations.

Besides the representative function for the staff as a whole or the individual employees the work´s counil´s duties include information function, allocative function and communication function inside the company. Broadly speaking, the work´s council is the connecting link between staff and management.

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