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System of Casualty Doctors

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Since 1992 the emergency medical services for severely or fatally diseased and injured people in the district Murau (approx. 35.000 residents and numerous tourists) is ensured by the team of casualty doctors from Murau-Stolzalpe.

This is carried out in cooperation with emergency doctors of the departments of Stolzalpe Provincial Hospital and paramedics from the ÖRK Department Murau. Additionally, the ÖRK Department Murau provide their entire technical equipment (emergency vehicles, medical technology).

Due to the unique geographic location of the hospital (approx. 7 km from Murau and with an elevation gain of 400 metres) the emergency medical service is organised as rendezvous system in which the casualty doctor drives the emergency vehicle to the site of operation by himself. During the night shift the casualty doctor on duty is stationed directly at the ÖRK Department Murau.

The emergency doctor´s car (NAW) is an all-wheel cross country vehicle (VW T4, numerous alpin missions!) with high-tech medical equipment available for patient transfer. In some cases special requirements lead to long transport times, partly because of the breadth of the operation area, partly because of the distance to the target hospital.

The average of emergencies per year is about 700.

Dr. Peter Schmidt
03532 / 2424-2612
03532 / 2424-5083

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